“Good Morning Marilyn,

Just wanted to say “THANKS!” for getting the new toilets installed. They are working beautifully. The technician who serviced the property on Friday night was OUTSTANDING – he was polite, professional, courteous, efficient and truly exceptional. We hope you will take a moment to let his superior know that he provided amazing  service, and was able to swap out the toilets quickly and professionally. He gets 5 stars in our book!”




“I would like to say how much I liked working with and Ralph and would highly refer him to anyone I know.






“Hey Carla,

I just wanted to say the guys that came out this morning right at 8 am were so professional, courteous and did a fantastic job. I so wish I had known about ya’ll before! I will certainly be calling you for future work.

Warm Regards,





“Hey Bobby,

First, just wanted to say thank you for getting my front door fixed, I have to leave, but it looks like he was doing a great job when I left.






“Ok, thank you. BTW they did an awesome job on my door.

Thanks Jonathan”




“Good Morning,

We wanted to take a few minutes to thank you all for everything you’ve done the past couple of weeks to get us happily settled in our new lease. Ralph came out yesterday and replaced the broken dishwasher, repaired the toilet and did several very time consuming maintenance request that had gone ignored too long. He is a very mighty and impressive maintenance expert, even carrying the heavy appliances up the stairs solo! We’ve never felt more excited about living here and very much appreciate all the work put in to the unit.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!





“Good Afternoon Marilyn,

The young man from the maintenance company has been here and he found the leak, he also fixed the light fixture.

First off, that young man is probably the most professional person in his career field that I have ever met. This is the 2nd time he has been here and her service and demeanor are outstanding. I do hope you let his bosses know.”




“(Mike) DeCesare does it again….. ceiling patch perfection! He painted it today in a hour and you can’t see where it was, even if you knew!

Awesome job. Thanks!

CEO Goodwin Management, Inc.

Randy Allen”




“The technician from MRP repaired our kitchen ceiling this morning. He did an excellent job, very nice young man. Thank you for sending him.

Ray and LaVina”





I gotta tell you I wasn’t sure what things were going to look like when I got home… but, this was amazing. These guys did a heck of a job.

Talk to you later, but NICE JOB!!






Please tell the contractor thank you for fixing the fence around the tree it look better than it did. Good job.





“Good morning, I wanted to let you know the back door looks great. The contractor you sent our did a really nice job.






“Thanks so much for sending a maintenance person. Ralph was an absolute superstar! I have been home sick for a month, and it’s great to have everything fixed today.

Thanks Again,




“Hi Rosemary,

I am impress with the work Michael is doing at Bell Rock. Could you either give me his phone/email, or give mine to him. I would like to talk with him about a job in my house that I need help with. Thanks.





“The contractor we use for all our make readies is MRP Services.  From the time Tenex Properties began managing properties almost 5 years ago,  we tried numerous make ready contractors to ensure we were receiving competitive pricing and workmanship.   After a year of trying different contractors we determined that we would use MRP Services on a consistent basis for several reasons.

  • MRP has skilled employees in various trades so their in house scheduling is much more efficient.
  • We received their bid within a day or two after I walked a property with them, which decreased vacancy time.
  • They promptly began work upon approval and completed the work in a shorter amount of time which also helped to decrease vacancy time.
  • Their quality of work was superior, and they stood by it.  If an item wasn’t done right or was overlooked, which can happen with typically large numbers of detailed make ready items, one phone call from us was all it took to make it right.
  • The communication and quick response time with our staff and myself was more satisfactory which made our operations run more smoothly.
  • They were competitively priced, and still are.

We’ve found MRP to be extremely honest, trustworthy and above board.

Tim Janecek

Tenex Properties, LLC”



“Hi Barry and Michael,

HUGE kudos to Ralph and Mike today! We are very appreciative of all their help today and sincerely enjoyed working with them! Very professional and skilled men.

Thanks so much!





You guys do such good work for us every time we need something, thanks!





Ralph is very knowledgeable and did an excellent job




The new freezer is in and finished perfectly. Thank you